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Sn 2000-A Hair Straightener


  • Simply brush through for sleek shiny straightened hair
  • Negative Ions reduce frizz while Thermostat plates smooth cuticles
  • Brushing action reduces risk of dry damaged hair
  • 2 speed settings
  • 360 degree rotate able wire


Let’s shop is coming with the new category of health a and beauty and presenting SN 2000-A Hair Straightener. ?Electric main-boards adopt CCC Criteria a type of European EML authentication.?Compared with the traditional hair straightener, this product has it?s overwhelming advantages. For instance, a 5 to 10 ties faster speed, simpler and quicker operation, and easier for individuals to make care of hair.?Compared with the traditional hair straightener, this product won?t hurt your hair easily. The reason is that traditional ones straighten your hair by pulling and pressing it from both sides to rapidly absorb moisture from hair. However, when using this product, there will be a less moisture loss from hair in the combing process. This product has a famous design structure, novel appearance, and it is safe and practical.


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