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Set Of 3 – Inna Awtaina Kal Qausar – LED Candles with Stand & Stones

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  • Realistic dancing LED flames 
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Flickering Flame
  • Ideal for bookshelves, bedrooms and as safe focal points in holiday wreaths and centerpieces
  • Contains Arabic ayats on glass

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These Flameless Candles give you all of the ambiance and realism of traditional open-flame candles without any of the usual drawbacks. Enjoy the romantic glow of dancing, flickering flames without unpleasant scents or waxy odors, or the inconvenience of wax that trickles onto surfaces. Feel free to leave these Flameless Candles unattended in any room, even in the presence of children and pets, without concern that an open flame could cause burns or fires. These battery-operated Flameless Candles open a world of possibilities for decorating and entertaining.


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1 in stock

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