Power Board 3-Level Vertical Socket With 2 Usb Charger

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  • Surge Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Anti-Thunder
  • MultipleSockets
  • USB Charging ports

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Let’s Shop Present and amazing item 3 Layers USB Charging Vertical Socket.Product Color is Assorted.

Ultra-Thin Vertical Multi-Socket Features1.Surge Protection

2.Overload Protection

3.Anti-Thunder4.MultipleUltra-Thin Vertical Multi-Socket Colorways1. Orange Color2. Green Color3. Blue Color4. Grey ColorRemark: If order quantity can be reach 1,500pcs, we can customized colors as your require.

Ultra-Thin Vertical Multi-Socket Warning

1.Total Power can not over the rated power

2.Don’t touch the socket when the hand is wet

3.Keep away from Children

4.Don’t use it in the wet environment

5.Don’t disassemble by yourself

Packing Details

Ultra-Thin Vertical Multi-Socket Packing Details


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