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Multiple Portions Dry Food Organizer/Grain Storage Box Size16x15x10 Whole Grains Rice Bucket Wall-Mounted Divided 6-Grid Rice Storage Bucket Tank


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Make your kitchen clean and tidy with our wall mounted dry food dispenser
  • You can get what you need instantly with its transparent body
  • Just press to get those condiments and grains out with no mess
  • Easy stick-on installation with its super strong holding power
  • Space saving
  • Transparent body, food in the box can be seen
  • Large capacity
  • Can hold all kinds of food, like candy, grains, rice and so on
  • Simple and elegant
  • Moisture-proof and dust-proof
  • Assures food to stay fresh longer and keeps contents in containers secure
  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold up to 10kg of grains
  • Comes with a bowl to place your grains after dispensed
  • Good sealing

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HIGH-QUALITY: Made of high-quality material, high permeability. This container has a good seal to block the moisture in the air, to ensure the drying of the particles, so the grain is guaranteed to be fresh and healthy. Capacity: about 12kg of rice.

INTELLIGENTLY METERING RICE BUCKET: This food storage container can automatically quantify rice and produce whole grains. Grain Dispensers are small units for holding and storing rice and Grain wherever you wish to place them. Not only does it allow you to store rice, it also manages your other grain. They are designed to keep rice dry, fresh while giving easy access to grab 1 cup of rice with one press of a button.

EASY TO CLEAN: Use a sealed storage design with a lid to extend the shelf life of food. It is also equipped with a container with scales and even drains holes, so you can quickly drain and clean. Extended handle, comfortable to hold.

LARGE CAPACITY RICE BUCKET WITH SCALE: The bucket of rice bucket has scale, you can see the edge at any time. This food storage container can not only store rice flour and various grains such as flour, rice, nuts, beans, snacks, grains, pet food, etc., to meet your needs in the kitchen (capacity may vary depending on the food density), can also be used as a storage container for pet food.

WIDE APPLICATION: It has a wide application range, and the whole grains in the kitchen can be placed freely. With a visual scale window, you can observe reserves in real-time. Places nicely into any kitchen and even cupboard. Easy to view how much rice is left to know when more rice is required to be topped up.Ease of dispensing the rice makes it worthwhile as every push you know you are getting one cup of rice.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 cm


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20 in stock

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