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Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm-Brush


  • Easy use Scrubber that washes off though stains.
  • With Wash Clean tool holder helps you get a good grip on the pot.
  • Soap Dispenser anytime you need during washing.
  • To be more clean and healthy.
  • These scrubbers are no smell, safe, and resistant to bacteria.


Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm-Brush:

Now get you a best cleaning tool “Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm-Brush” for your kitchen.
Women often get worried about their hands getting rough and dry by washing kitchen pots? Then there is no need to get worried about the delicacy of your hands as  has an excellent solution for you!

Get your hands on our kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm-brush that can dispense your favourite dish soap with the push of a button. The material from which it is made is PET material that will not hurt your hands and pot, and cleaning the surface will not hurt you. It can be used for washing kitchen stoves, sinks and tiles. There is also a dishwasher soap dispenser available in our online store that may be of your interest.

It is very easy to use:
  1. Just open the kitchen palm brush and
  2. Put the dishwasher liquid soap.
  3. Then closing the soap jar,
  4. Place it on the scrubbing brush and tight it.
  5. And now it is ready to scrub and remove all the stains,
  6. Especially from frying pans, cooking pots, and others that have stubborn stains and are difficult to remove.

Besides, the ergonomic plan of this soap dispensing palm brush refills makes it simple to hold and non-slip, simple to finish the cleaning impact, wash the brush head completely with water. While cleaning, simply press the top delicate paste to release the fluid. The cleaning fluid won’t be wasted; cleaning will be smooth and practical.

Over and above, the simple waste, solid detoxification, no tacky hands, no skin harm is principle highlights. There will be compelling reason need to clean up, save time and exertion without harming your hands and can cleanse intensely. Simply, pour the detergent into the water storage tank, and then press it out.

Our soap dispensing palm brush is a must have for every kitchen; make sure to buy one for your Kitchen: “Soap Dispensing Palm Brush” and “Dishwasher Soap Dispensing Brush with Storage Stand“, these both are Multi-functional Cleaning Brush.
Our scrubber are rust-resistant, scrubs away stubborn stains, grease and grime that built-up over times. Effortlessly cleaning kitchen appliances, dishes, pots/pans, Great for automobile, household equipment, commercial use and more. The scrubbers are really gentle on your hands, it will not splinter or scratch your skin. Easy to clean and built to last a long time and dishwasher safe.

  • Without wasting your time get everything in one product for your comfort.

Easy to use and durable.
Made of Plastic Material.
Weight: 70 grams for PET type, 80 grams for steel ball type.
Size: 9 x 10 cm.
No slag, no hand injury, automatic liquid filling, replaceable brush head.
Application: stove, wash basin, ceramic tile, etc.
PET material, does not hurt hands, does not hurt the pot, moderate hardness, clean and does not hurt the surface.
Convenient liquid discharge, strong decontamination, no sticky hands, no skin damage.

Package Include:
  • 1 x Kitchen Soap Dispensing Palm-Brush.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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